Grand Monarch Tea (Caffeine-free)


“Of nobility, wisdom and strength”

Experience the unparalleled sophistication and luxury encapsulated in every sip of Grand Monarch Tea—a testament to regal indulgence and refined taste. This exquisite caffeine-free blend, crafted from expertly roasted brown rice grains boasting a tantalizing nutty aroma, is complemented by the delicate fragrance of osmanthus. Enriched with premium herbs like Codonopsis root and Goji, this tea transcends ordinary blends, embodying the essence of majesty and grandeur.

Grand Monarch Tea unveils a tapestry of flavors reminiscent of the courts of ancient kings and the refined palates of nobility. The infusion of Ginseng, Codonopsis root and Goji, treasured for centuries in health and longevity recipes of royalty, adds depth to this majestic brew. These premium herbs don’t just adorn the tea; they embody a legacy of wellness and the pursuit of longevity, cherished by the wisest minds of old.

Immerse yourself in the regal aura of Grand Monarch Tea and be transported into the excellence and luxury fit for monarchs of eras past. The harmonious blend of premium ingredients not only delights the senses but also bestows a sense of tranquility and refinement upon each moment of enjoyment.

Tea language
Of nobility, wisdom and strength

Tasting notes
A luxurious hearty blend coupled with the sweet aroma of osmanthus

Brown rice, osmanthus flowers, codonopsis root, foxnuts, ginseng, licorice, goji berries

10 biodegradable pyramid bags x 7.5g

Tea type
Herbal infusion


Brewing instructions
🌿1 sachet
💧220ml water
⏱️5 – 10 mins




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