Jasmine Green Tea


“You are a gift from God”

Enveloped in the delicate embrace of jasmine flowers, this tea embodies the essence of nature’s precious offerings. Each blossom symbolizes purity and grace, infusing the tea with a captivating aroma and a subtly sweet taste. This blend is a token of appreciation, a gift to your senses, and a tribute to the beauty of simplicity. With its soothing properties and exquisite flavor, it’s a reminder that life’s most beautiful things are often found in the purest forms.

Jasmine, crowned as the “Queen of Flowers”, is also widely known for its excellent mood uplifting and healing properties such as enhancing the immune system, boosting blood circulation and relieving stress.

Experience the heartfelt sentiment of gifting yourself or a loved one the serenity and elegance of our Jasmine Green Tea, a present that lingers with every delightful cup.

Tea language
You are a gift from God

Tasting notes
A light, pleasant blend with sweet, subtle floral notes

Jasmine buds, green tea

Goes well with
Berries, citrus fruits, fruit jams

10 biodegradable pyramid bags x 2.5g

Tea type


Brewing instructions
🌿1 sachet
🌡️70 – 80°C
💧220ml water
⏱️2 – 3 mins



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