Osmanthus Oolong Tea


“My cup overflows”

Invite bountiful prosperity into your life with our Osmanthus Oolong Tea. With every sip, you’ll feel as if your cup overflows with the blessings of life. Symbolizing the promise of abundance and fruitfulness, the delicate osmanthus flowers infuse this tea with a sense of floral opulence while oolong tea mirrors the richness of a harvest well-reaped. With each cup, you embrace a journey towards greater prosperity, both in flavour and in life. Savor this exquisite blend as a ritual for success, and may it guide you toward a future as sweet and vibrant as the osmanthus flower itself.

Oolong tea aids in weight management, boosts metabolism, and supports heart health. Osmanthus adds a delightful, soothing element to the blend, reducing stress and promoting relaxation. Together, they create a wellness elixir that caters to both body and soul.

Tea language
My cup overflowsTasting notes
A sweet, fragrant and fruity blend celebrating the harvest

Osmanthus flowers, oolong tea

Goes well with
Pastries, berries, citrus fruits, fruit jams

10 biodegradable pyramid bags x 2g

Tea type

Brewing instructions
🌿1 sachet
🌡️80 – 95°C
💧220ml water
⏱️2 – 3 mins


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